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Minelly is a word in which only the cool people could say it. It means awesome,fun,amazing,good looking,perfect and just about anything good you can come up with!
minelly is soooooo cool and smart and funny. i wanna be just like her !
by iamsoanonymous November 09, 2008
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Minelly, where do I even start on what kind of a person she is she looks stunning when u see her in person you instantly fall in love. Although her appearance may look like she’s happy but if u play with her heart it will break. She’s an incredible friend and if u get her as a friend then consider yourself a lucky one. If you get her as a girlfriend consider yourself a lucky one. She’s an amazing girl! She’s carasmatic, hilarious, and beautiful in every way. She’s a beautiful girl and has an amazing ass and body. She for sure doesn’t take shit from no one and if u throw some shade at her she will throw it right back. She’s a very special girl! She’s short though and she’s fiesty. She’s an amazing lover only if you don’t get on her bad side. She can be a shy person but you just gotta make her comfortable, but she can be a complete badass. She’s also an extreme athlete she’s very sporty. In general she just has it all the brains, the bron, and the beauty.
I wish I could be just like Minelly!”
by Syphco January 17, 2019
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