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One of the gnarliest places on the face of the earth. Its a place where rampant marijuana use by kids collides with an island free of much law enforcement and plenty of places for people to go "cash a paycheck". Also home to a street gang known as "Dem Island Boyz". 99.89% white. It is also known for its epic surf and skim
Kid 1: "Is that nigga from Sanibel?"
Kid 2: "Yah bro, that nigga is crazzzzzzy as fuhhh"
by East Side Slayers October 20, 2008
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A small island of the west coast of florida. 75% of the population is over 65. Full of rich ex-ceo's and such. got about 50 kids living on the island all known for there drug use. you have to pay 6 dollars to get on the island and was ranked number nine in the world for top beaches...
Girl 1 "my daddy's a CEO and I drive a bentley"
BOy 2 "She must live on Sanibel"
by rmme123abc July 23, 2008
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A small island of the west coast of Florida. IT's nine miles long and two miles wide. Town full of rich stuck up preppies. and tourists lots of tourists. Known around the world for its beaches at one point ranked number nine in the top ten beaches in the world. Maily retireees in 2004 census reposts show that 75% of the population was over the age of 65. About 50 kids live on the island. THe kids of SAnibel are known for their drug use often starting as early as ten years old. Not a very kid friendly town. There are strictly enforced curfews for all under the age of eighteen. For example after 10:30everyone under the age of 16 must be in their homes or they will be brought down to the station. No joke. Altogether not that great of a place.
Girl 1 "Im rich, I'm a princess, MY daddy's a big CEO. and I drive a bentley."
Boy 1 "She must live on Sanibel!"
by AMME123abc July 26, 2008
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