Fast ass is usually a girl that tries to act like she is too damn grown.
by Knprice June 20, 2018
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It means precocious. It does not necessarily mean whore or easy, as defined in the previous definition. It particularly applies to young girls
Oh, that child is just too grown. she is a (fast ass) little thing
by Ms M August 9, 2013
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Term for men, of any sexual preference, who fuck to fast

Or indeed it could be used for a lady, wearing a strap-on and going for it in a fast manor.
"I walked into the room and saw Gary's fast ass pounding away on that fat chick from Friday night"
by djsaltynuts October 25, 2013
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A stupid ass bitch who jumps to conclusions and overthinks everything
Girl: you never wanna hangout you’re a terrible friend

Guy: you accused me of being a bad friend, you fast ass bitch
by Dannydavito December 28, 2022
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11-16 year old little girls being sexual or flirting with boys/girls. Acting grown around boys, BASICALLY BEING A HOE AT A YOUNG AGE.
Mom: *On Phone* Yeah Girl I caught ShuhNeyNey flirting with some boys in the parking lot wearing me hoop earrings and some tight ass shorts. I believe im raising a fast ass lil girl. I whooped her ass tho, Hopefully she will change before she end up pregnant at 16.
by ISwearImaBeatHerUp May 28, 2019
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When ur hoe has a fast ass
U lil fast ass hoe go get that juicy L
by juicyl May 25, 2015
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