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A flying W.
The official logo for popular mainstremo rock band, Weezer, is a flying W.
Made using two L signs with your thumb and pointer finger, and also extending your middle finger to complete the "wings" of the W.
"=w= forever!" -often used in screen names and in online instant messages.
by 573ph4n13 February 04, 2004
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the official sign of the greatest band ever, WEEZER. many people may look down upon them, that is because they have not a clue of what good music is. It is different than the mainstream emo artists of today. Rivers Cuomo is the lead singer of the band who is referred to as Jesus by the =w= sign weilding thugs of today. Whenever you see this sign, be prepared to be blessed with awesomeness. Rock on homies!
"Man, i can't believe that i used to hate that band Weezer. I must have been dropped on my head when i was a young whippersnapper."
by william eskonemo July 20, 2005
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