:F or :f

Boy: :f Wassup?
Girl: ; Nothin.
Boy: :F Oh really?
by Wistful September 1, 2005
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Emotion made to resemble a drooling person, or the popular "dat ass" face picture.
"Check out my abs guys, been workin' out!"

"OMG that's so hot :F "
by Mr. Animus May 9, 2013
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<you> Man, I'm so anxious about the math exam tomorrow...
<guy> Dude, the exam was today
<you> Wtf!? It's Tuesday
<guy> Nope, it's wednesday...
<you> omg ur right :O :F
by Basement Monkey June 21, 2009
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An emoticon derived from the ubiquitous :P, depicting a :P that went too far, and got bit in haste.
Kabutar: Hey man! How's my iPod?
Kum Aar: Oh, it's sleeping with the fishes
Kum Aar: :F
by Kum Aar October 6, 2010
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Emotion icon defining hunger or drooling.
"What? Your eating pizza? :F
by some person January 6, 2005
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Bucktoothed smile with one tooth missing. Replacement for commonly used :) with hint of stupidity.
A: Heard you had some bike accident last week?
B: Yep :F
by rotator April 22, 2013
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:F denotes the term "SURPRISE BUTTSECKS"
If replacing :F with "SURPRISE BUTTSECKS", you must retain the capital letters.
<%Trit0ch> :F
<%Parasite> hai
<%Parasite> ;F
by Tritoch December 7, 2007
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