This gets used on messageboards / forums to signify that the previous post (or a post that has been quoted) is either of such high standard / very useful and answers the question of the original post / owns someone that the thread cannot possibly contain any post that's better.
USER 1: Hey guys, who do you reckon is the greatest rock band in the world.

USER 2: Black Sabbath

USER 3: /thread
by Heidious March 02, 2007
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When someone kills a thread with the perfect answer. Therefore there is no reason for this thread to still be open.
Random guy seeking sex advices: How would I go about approaching an Islamic girl at college?

Random Guy #2: With a Bomb Squad.

Randomg Guy #3: /thread
by masongr July 07, 2014
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Close thread

Used in various forums to signify that this thread needs to be closed for various reasons
Thread title: Free Porn
Poster: "/thread"
by hdevonxz October 19, 2006
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A forum term used when nobody posts in a thread for a certain amount of time, or when a person makes a smart-ass remark therefore rendering the thread useless. Known to most people as "the end of the thread." Can also be used for the end of a post or any other event not regarding the thread.
Poster #1: Which person would you like to ban from this forum?

Poster #2: You.

by Zettish October 25, 2009
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Used on 4chan, when someone replies "/thread", it basically means "end thread".

It's basically a call for everyone to stop posting as a conclusive answer has been found. Sometimes used humorously
>OP likes traps, and so because traps are gay, OP is a fag

by YE BROSKI November 04, 2020
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Since the late 1800s, competitive threading has been an important part of the yarndling fraternity. Marks are awarded for artistic kedding, skilful use of the verricule holder and overall 'authenticity of purpose'. The Tasmanian branch of the Yarndling Association in Hobart, Tasmania is a particularly strong contender in the Antipodean regionals, citing "fun, tempered with social responsibility" as their watchword.
During the 2012 London Olympics, Team GB would often remind the public of its commitment to the "spirit of yarndling", principally in its emphasis on fair play, equality for all, and competitive threading.
by Cod Michael May 18, 2020
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Threading is a often a footwork tech done by bboys and bbgirls in the dance of bboying. It creates an illusion as if some part of the body is being continually threaded.

There are many variations to threading. First, threading can be done in toprock, footwork, and freezes. Second, threading can be done with any body part and even clothes, creating the effect of twisting and bending the body into abnormal positions, or to revert back into the starting position.

Threading in footwork is often used as a transition move in order to get into another move. Threading is also common in freezes, often combined with airchairs and handstands.
Lilou, a famous French BBoy, is known for his skills in threading.

Set with threading:
Toprock > 6 step > thread > 3 step > Airchar w/ threading legs
by BBoy Preacher November 29, 2008
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