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This gets used on messageboards / forums to signify that the previous post (or a post that has been quoted) is either of such high standard / very useful and answers the question of the original post / owns someone that the thread cannot possibly contain any post that's better.
USER 1: Hey guys, who do you reckon is the greatest rock band in the world.

USER 2: Black Sabbath

USER 3: /thread
by Heidious March 02, 2007
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When someone kills a thread with the perfect answer. Therefore there is no reason for this thread to still be open.
Random guy seeking sex advices: How would I go about approaching an Islamic girl at college?

Random Guy #2: With a Bomb Squad.

Randomg Guy #3: /thread
by masongr July 07, 2014
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Close thread

Used in various forums to signify that this thread needs to be closed for various reasons
Thread title: Free Porn
Poster: "/thread"
by hdevonxz October 19, 2006
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A forum term used when nobody posts in a thread for a certain amount of time, or when a person makes a smart-ass remark therefore rendering the thread useless. Known to most people as "the end of the thread." Can also be used for the end of a post or any other event not regarding the thread.
Poster #1: Which person would you like to ban from this forum?

Poster #2: You.

by Zettish October 25, 2009
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