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Often used when talking to a person online or when texting. '/Slapped' is used when someone is being jokingly self-centered or embarrassing. It can also be used when someone says something jokingly that may be offensive but doesn't want to offend the other person. It is used to indicate that they are not serious, and basically means they are 'slapping' themselves (Reminder: This is NOT to be taken seriously).

(//Bricked, //Killed, //BrutallyMurdered -These are other ways to say the same thing. Keep in mind, whether there is one slash or two, it doesn't matter)
Person 1: Who do you think is the prettiest in our class?
Person 2: OmG mEeeEeE~ //slapped
Person 1: ...
Person 1: Lol

Person 3: So what did you think about our trip?
Person 4: It was alright ^^ The people there were a bit loud though... //bricked
Person 3: I know >~<

Person 5: Hey! I missed you!
Person 6: Well I didn't miss you
Person 6: Jkjk xD
Person 6: /slapped
Person 5: Lol
by GiveMeBackMyName August 31, 2013
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