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An image board on 4chan that originated in 2008 after the slow demise of /b/. It stands for Robot 9000. /r9k/ posters are usually refered to as "gentlemen". Only original content is allowed to be posted on /r9k/.
/b/ is dead. Long live /r9k/!
by Lazarius March 28, 2008
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A board on 4chan. Originally a forum used as an experiment to test anti-reposting software, /r9k/ devolved into a community of incels who generally just complain about their lives, argue with eachother, or post greentext stories. Like most boards on 4chan, /r9k/ is not for the faint of heart, and it's not healthy to linger in this community for too long.
"So I tried to talk to some dudes on /r9k/ and they called me a roastie. Like, what even is a roastie?!"

- a confused female
by xm1 June 11, 2018
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a board on 4chan filled with incels and alt-right losers. its the run down bar of the internet, and most of the people there are in their 20s and live with their mom
hey man, have you been on /r9k/?
hell no, im not a virgin!
by SaiyanKilla December 16, 2018
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