a term used to specify that a usually normal word is meant as an insult
by user773947297 November 21, 2020
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A statement intended to damages the mind of another; a hurtful statement
Student 1 - Hey! Quit eating the twinkies fat-ass!

Student 2 runs off sobbing

Teacher, who saw everything, rushes over to student 1

Teacher - I will be reporting you to the disciplinarian!Derogatory statements like that are completely inappropriate in this instititution and anywhere else. Come with me immediately!
by Dictionaree October 29, 2005
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concerning a degrading statement; can be an insult of anything or anyone, but usually pertaining to a racist remark. cracka, chink, and nigga can all be used as examples of derogatory terms.
Luke's derogatory inference of the person of Asian dissent as a chink was not only uncalled for and insulting, but racist.
by LilBibby2342 July 16, 2005
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Comes from the word degrade.

It is used to describe a word or action that is degrading a certain race or a thing.

For example:
I have never heard "rice burner" used in a derogatory way before.
by Potatoballs2.0 September 17, 2018
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words used to degrate someone, usually said in a sarcastic tone to make a person feel stupid, idiotic, fat, or just not welcome. If done right with friends, it will result in laughs and smiles of "i hate you"
you ate the whole cake! you fat bastard!
hey, hows my little asain doing today?
stupid jewish crap..won't work right.
duhh way to go retard.

these are all examples of some derogatory remarks
by AJ32 December 03, 2008
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it means terms that are used to insult someone or imply something negative. (god why is this not in here yet?)
some of derogatory terms(words):

asshole(ex.you are a fucking asshole)
cuntface(ex.you are a fucking cuntface you!)
dickbutt(ex.you are a fucking dickbutt you!)
kitkat(ex.you are a fucking kitkat you!)
control panel(ex.you are a fucking control panel)
by normalplateletcount November 18, 2013
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