Short for Metallica. The band itself calls it self 'tallica. Headed by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield with backup from Kirk Hammet and recently added Robert Trujillo.
The boys of 'tallica are coming out with their first studio album in 6 years on June 5.
by Brian June 04, 2003
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The name for Metallica after they sold out.
They took the metal out of Metallica, and so did I.

There's no metal in 'tallica.
by pdidty March 30, 2011
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The source of the brilliance known as St. Anger, a brutal and complicated album. Definetly a great listen.
It's a bad trend to hate 'tallica.
by fucker June 05, 2003
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NuMetal tag for Old School metal band past it's prime.
Great Band: I saw Metallica open for Ozzy last night, and they killed!
Lame Band: I saw 'tallica with Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park opening. Please tell me I'm having a nightmare!
by blowme July 25, 2003
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The biggest burrito of angst the world has ever known. Tasted great in the eighties, stained our drawls in the nineties, but just remains an ugly crusty spot on the carpet of the New Millenium.
I think I got some 'tallica on your carpet, pussy!
by it April 16, 2004
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Used to refer to "post Black album" Metallica, where many believe they lost their "Metal" edge.
Dude, Tallica totally sucked last night! I want METALLICA back!
by glenhetfield December 11, 2011
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