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Saturday I'm playing Bud Bingo and watching the Yanks at Leggetts in 'Squan. Later I will ROWMCO at the Parker House.
by The Manasquan Don June 14, 2007
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A swan made entirely of SCONES!!!

Can be used as a verb to confuse people or to comically replace words in songs.
Noun - "You,sir, are a total squan!"

Verb - "Oh my God, she actually squanned that fat guy at the party last night!"

Song - "Let me see that squa-a-aan!"
by Squan March 13, 2009
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While having sexual intercourse on the beach the man ejackulates into the woman's vagina, then let the cum run out of the vagina into the sand, then you later build a sand castle with it,
dude: i made the best sand castle this weekend!!
Girl: Really?? How?
Dude: I made it squan style((:
by Angie Giangrasso(: September 12, 2009
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Where you take a knife, or other sharp object and cut a hole on a random area of another person's body, then have intercourse with that hole
I squaned her in the stomach last night
by 74 Center April 29, 2010
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To slightly dent a persons can drink making them finish their drink from a squished can. Is normally done in an obnoxious way.
Squished Can = Squ-an

squanning-The act of someone denting someone's can drink.

squanned-When you are on the receiving end of a squanning.

"Who Squanned me?"
"You have just been Squanned!"
by lagunns November 30, 2013
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