One of them big spinny wind things in the sky that suck mobile homes up. Poor rednecks.
Brandon: I heard theres a big 'Nader coming.
Josh: Oh noes!
Kyle: Your trailers gunna blow away.
Josh: I need a hooch.
by BarnacleBill February 15, 2010
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A scientifically proven method of getting roughly 10-15 times higher than you would from regularly smoking a blunt. It is made using a water bottle with one hole made for the blunt and one for the carb. You hold your thumb over the carb and milk it until you get an absolutely filthy Nader. Originated in Brick, New Jersey.
by Blunts McGee September 26, 2010
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Another word for a tornado.

Another form is "Nader in the Dark" which refers to more dangerous nighttime tornadoes.

Plural: Naders, Naders in the Dark

Popularized by meteorologist youtuber "Ryan Hall, Yall"
That giant nader destroyed the town!
The south is getting so many naders!
Naders in the Dark are more dangerous because they are hard to see and confirm.
The supercell produced a Nader in the Dark!
by THUNDERSTORMS123 April 16, 2022
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Someone who throws nades (grenades).
CSS Player : Don't throw nades to zombies !
...(after humans fail)...
by chuck74 November 29, 2011
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1. A localized, violently destructive windstorm occurring over land, especially in the deep south.

2. What french fries and hash browns are made out of.
1. Dere was a nader down in Joja dis mow-nin!

2. Gimme some naders to go wit my pokechop, I'm hown-gry!
by Geno Azim November 28, 2011
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bringing a third candidate into a political race who has a less than a zero chance of winning, but for delusional reasons of "principal" this candidate joins the race and the result is the delusional candidate filters enough "statement" votes from the frontrunner to give the expected runner-up the victory.
Our best shot at winning this election is to Naderize a kook into joining the race to take votes away from our opponent.
by snappy2 February 27, 2008
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Someone (or something) you'll probably never find again.
"Nader" is too rare to have examples.
by moonica witty September 19, 2006
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