A shortened term for #WonderfulWeekend. Weekly videos that originate from a high school in Towanda, PA. Commonly contains athletes, sporting events, parties, and random people screaming random things that in some way make the viewer's weekend slightly more wonderful. To be featured on one of these videos, one must do something extraordinary, or random.
"So, you think you'll be in Aaron's #WW?"
"I think so, but when he was recording, I farted and asked if the camera could smell it."
by Joseph_McSnipe November 9, 2015
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In Japan, it's almost like "lol" or "haha". It comes from the term "笑う", or "warau", and it means "to laugh". The more w's, the more ha's, so to speak.
"That's weird haha"

"What the hell are ya doin', lol"

"Did you see that!? Hahaha!"
by 塩沢慶子 March 17, 2015
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"Where we at?"

Similar to asking if there are any other like minded individuals present.
TSM fans WW@!?

Lamia bros WW@?
by FilthyLuckerDog September 17, 2013
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ww is the keys for gg sound in korean.

koreanSC2: ww
<koreanSC2 has left the game>
by darvon December 7, 2011
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I have my doubts about the whole situation... WWS...
by NamelessHero November 9, 2014
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Wrong Window; It happens to all of us, while chatting that you miss the window, tab or whatever :)
(12:23:30 PM) //change: it constantly gets my cpu load to 100%
(12:23:45 PM) AbsintheSyringe: i ja njoj kazem sto ti mene?
(12:24:17 PM) //change: wtf????
(12:24:25 PM) AbsintheSyringe: ww
by AbsintheSyringe May 21, 2009
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"Well Won"

In Starcraft 2 I often seen some people mistaken ww with gg. Koreans especially. "Well Won" seems the most suitable use of ww when used in gaming, other than gg "good game.
EGIdra: ww
BitByBitPrime.We: Thank you!

*This is an example*
by M.Baka June 22, 2011
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