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A tag used by idiots to show how retarded they are.

Make sure to avoid people who use the word swag and/or #swag.
Fuck examples, just pictures Justin Bieber and you know what swag is, and what people who tag things #swag (when not joking/mocking with it) are like.
by Maxwell_Edison October 15, 2013
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The presentation of ones self(walking, clothing, appearance etc). The ability to walk into a situation and gain instant credibility and receive immediate love from the people present.
Chucky walked into the party and the crowd began to praise his looks and style for that he had #swag. While this was taking place, zoe aka spec of sand(given that name due to her extremely small amount of #swag) was sitting in the corner alone watching community, because no one seemed to notice her at the party due to her small amount of #swag.
by johnnytacos October 18, 2011
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Something used by the chillest kids very often to interrupt a teacher or to point out something that is so sick u have no others words to say but......SWAG
me:"teacher I have a question"
me:"how was your day?"
teacher:" um actually it going pretty.."
teacher:"soso go outside"
by Mr. KD May 07, 2011
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