Am old woman who has no muscle or fat between her skin and bones
Yech, look at that hag in a bag in her bikini. pass the potato chips.
by ChinaCat SF June 24, 2018
Someone who likes to compliment people, but sadly not to his/her face.
That Ass Hag needs to grow a pair and say it to her face!
by SingingFighter February 1, 2012
ass hag is a type of person who likes to insult people and when they are being insult they get offended
Kathrine is such an ass hag!!!

Kathrine gets so offended easily but when she insult people it doesnt bother her conscience. That's an ass hag!!!
by a$$hag January 15, 2012
Someone who pushes low end branded swag
Peggy for Peggy Creations, can be such a swag hag
by wicked225 September 6, 2018
A person who Is friendly with someone who is not on Facebook, but stil agrees to post the non Facebook person’s Pictures, videos and comments on their own Facebook page for them.
“I’m not on Facebook, but I have a Facebook Hag who posts stuff for me!”
by AJ Rules The School July 18, 2018
When someone is hiking in the woods and comes across a fallen tree on the trail, called a "snag"—instead of being able to cleanly manuever around the snag, they get tripped up by it. That person has become a snag hag.
Dude, just step over the damn trunk. You're embarrassing me, you snag hag.

Did you see how Janie's coat caught on that branch? What a snag hag.
by Little_M August 22, 2016