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A phrase describing some one who suffers from deafness or hearing disability.
Sorry, what did you say?
Oh my god, are you Ben's mum or something.
by Rob123456123 March 11, 2011
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An overly friendly portly lady of advanced years. Often to be found lurking in the men's toilets of Londons pubs. A Ben's Mum will pounce and attack unsuspecting men, her large hammy arms providing the power and momentum needed to coax erections out of those in advanced drunken states. The rolls of flab surrounding her uncovered mid section are often brimming with male ejaculate.
Bloody ell, I got jumped by a right Ben's Mum back there. Had to harpoon the slutty behemoth.
by Ben Tali November 18, 2013
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A term first coined by Kenny of Derby, a fellow greb. It can be used in various situations, such as an answer or an expression of great surprise.
Me: What did you do last night?
Ken: Ben's mum

Chav: Wat da fuck is Black Sabbath?
Ken: Ben's mum! You're stupid!
by Eldest Wishbone October 04, 2006
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anything you want her to be........
omg i just had a ride on Ben's mum lololol

that was proper bad Ben's mum back there

person 1: "what happened to you last night?"
Person 2: "Well you know Ben's mum?"

Ben's mum and ting
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