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It ain't #1 and it ain't #2, it's #3...butt pee
After eating bad clam chowder, I had a horrible case of #3.
by Willy92 October 18, 2006
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doing #1 plus #2, aka liquipoo, scattered showers and diarrhea
It's best to have the sink running if you know # 3 is coming.
by astro_man23 January 26, 2010
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A really messy, runny crap. Basically peeing through your butt.
That Indian food really killed my stomach. I think I have to take a #3!!
by El Padrote April 01, 2009
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A bathroom function which facilitates release. Not unlike going #1 or #2 in the respect that when nature calls....
Chad's been in the bathroom forever...probably doin' a #3.
by LeahMan December 17, 2007
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#1 is urine, #2 is poo, #3 is The Third Great Detritus Export, aka Puke. Also referred to as a Third.
Mike, just to warn ya, if she drinks more than 7 beers, she's gonna #3 on your shoes.

"Drink a Fifth, do a Third."
by Fauntleroy May 10, 2007
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