This is an act performed by two lesbians interlocked like scissors, starting with a slow rubbing till each beef burger is swollen and moist building into a frantic pace.
How do lesbians have sex without fingers? Mary on mary of course!
How long does this last for, surely longer than 3 minutes? It could be for hours......
by urban cowboy smith April 9, 2011
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A woman with an extremely furry bush, based on the college limerick:
cunt quite hairy
how do your pubies grow!
by Little Amy June 9, 2006
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The universal middle name for women. Women who has this name as their first name is considered unique and special.

A girl with this name is naturally a singer with a petite height. She is adorable yet you don't want to be on her bad side.

If you ever upset a Marie she will forgive you almost everytime. But if she's had enough, she will disappear from your life completely.

A Marie would often be sentimental with things and a good observer. You definitely can't hide anything from her!

She is friendly but often too shy to strike up a conversation. When you get to know her, she will reveal her crazy side.
Marie is so adorable!
Be careful when teasing Marie, you don't want to get in her bad side.
Marie is the best friend ever!!
by grammarcrazy March 16, 2016
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The most amazing girl to exist.
She makes you feel happy when you're sad ; Your self-esteem is higher when you're with her ; Your confidence is higher with her.

Being with her makes you more happy than anything in the world.

She's a hard catch but worth it in the end.

Even if she breaks up with you, the chance of you most likely still liking her is a very high chance, you might be depressed for a while if that happens but talking to her even though she might she you as a friend still cheers you up like before and you most likely won't give up trying to make her fall in love with you again because she's everything to you.
Person 1 : Is that Marie?!
Person 2 : It is, too bad she's already taken
Person 1 : Yeah, she's the most adorable, smartest girl and would be the bets girlfriend to have.
Person 2 : I know right.
by DerpTQ February 28, 2019
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one of the prettiest, smartest, cutest, evil, caring, creative, talented, true punk, psycho, rioting, magic-weilding, sick acting, cute fat cheeks, puts-a-smile-on-my-face, amazing and most beautiful girls ever. actually.. the only one of her kind.
by pip July 2, 2003
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The act of falling down the stairs, and landing on your brother's broken violin on your way down.
ayo bro just pushed my sister down the stairs she totally mari-ed

shajqoeidzhan what the fuck
by buzzbo April 9, 2021
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a girl with a big heart. Sometimes people take her for advantage but don't realize how much it hurts her. She's confident and beautiful inside and out (also very funny). When she's upset its rare that she's sad, mostly mad and that confuses people. she's the type of girl who understands what your going through or at least tries very hard to. She gives great advice and can always be a shoulder to cry on.
Hey Mari..... Can i talk to you about something?
by MoonlightBabe..YepThatsME October 31, 2015
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