1.Mallcore is a term of derision that refers to nu-metal, since it is so closely associated with the Hot Topic stores at the malls of America. Such music, while having certain metallic tendencies, is simplistic, predictable, and, for the most part, uncreative. Thus, it cannot be considered true metal, however, these watered-down mainstream bands do lead some fans in the right direction towards true metal bands such as Slayer, Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Deicide, Iron Maiden, among countless others.
2. This term can sometimes be abused by certain metalheads. Some people will say a band has gone "mallcore" any time it releases a sub par album, even if the band has no hint of mallcore influences, still plays solos, and is much too heavy to have any mainstream acceptance.
1. I used to listen to mallcore until I discovered Slayer.
2. According to Special K, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Opeth, Children of Bodom, and Cradle of Filth classify as "mallcore" since I have seen shirts sold at Hot Topic for all those bands.
by Conrad January 20, 2005
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Form of loud music (which its fans think to be metal, but its really not) with uninovative guitar riffs, electronic sampling, random screaming and "I-will-slit-my-wrists-because-my-life-sucks -boo-fucking-hoo" lyrics.
by Fyodor Sumkin January 13, 2005
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The emo or goth children who are afraid of what people will say about them, so, they run aroung whining "don't lable me!!" Those children also buy all their clothing from Hot Topic and Zumies.
I wish the mallcores would stop whining saying, "don't label me!" It is easier to just say "I don't care". But they are afraid of what people will say of them.
by Muhahahanafawnabanana November 04, 2005
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an angsty , whiney pussy posing as a metalhead who listens to nu metal ( AKA poser metal ) and hangs out at malls while thinking slipknot is the most brutal deathgrind band in the entire world.
* guy punches metalhead *

metalhead : YOU LITTLE BITCH !!!!! * punches guy back *

* guy punches mallcore kid *

mallcore kid : oowww !!! why did you hit me ? what did i do to you ??! i'm gonna join a band called korn and write songs about you to express my painful feelings inside while pretending to be a hardcore metalhead and rapping over a 7 string guitar!!!
by justsomeguyonthenet April 21, 2007
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A form of "music", related to alternative rock and nu-metal. It is characterized by simple structures, ugly musicians, silly lyrics and little drum kits. It has nothing to do with true heavy metal (ie. Iron Maiden, Dio, Black Sabbath...)
by Camilo November 12, 2004
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music, clothing trends etc (and the people who follow them) that are pre-manufactured heavily commercialized by big businesses
that kid with the slipknot t-shirt is mallcore
by Disgruntled Winnipeger March 13, 2005
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A derogatory synonym for nu-metal, created as a reaction to the misuse of the word "metal" in that genre name.
He listens to Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, and other mallcore bands.
by slomberine July 14, 2008
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