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when you make a joke or do something only you/they think is funny, and everyone laughs not cause it was funny but because you are acting dumb
pulling a sam
sam: yeah i went up to the girl and i was like where did you get that shirt the dollar store
everyone: laugh(but at him not with)
by yuroga February 07, 2009

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(slang)state of mind similar to that of a blond moment.

that's not how you sharpen your pencil jeez stop acting all milia like.
by yuroga February 06, 2009

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noun(n).-one who constantly "burns" CD's
chase: "yo, charlene just burned me 8 CD's!!"
milia: "eight!?, shes a pyromaniac!!
by yuroga August 09, 2009

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1 a person who just stands around after doing something where every one should run

2 someone who looks at cartoon porn when they are old enough to just buy a normal porn
we threw the stink bomb and he stood there acting like a pj

by yuroga October 29, 2007

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