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A euphemism of 'fuck you'. When spoken aloud, 'cuff' has the same kind of dirty, short impact of 'fuck', and almost everyone still knows what you're getting across.
Hey man, hey. Cuff you.
by youresleepingonthecouch July 19, 2009

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What one demands to have after being photographed. Usually involves obtaining the camera with varying degrees of physical force to make sure photos aren't embarassing or blackmail-worthy. Is required of self-conscious people who know that every single drunken photo taken of them is going to end up on Facebook if it isn't intercepted first.
Girl: Give me the damn camera, I was making out with another chick when you took that last one.
Boy: Sorry, it wouldn't get your photo approval.
by youresleepingonthecouch July 24, 2009

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Describes anything that is malicious, aggressive, or harmful to others as well as being female.
Yoko Ono was the femalevolent force responsible for the breakup of The Beatles.
by youresleepingonthecouch July 19, 2009

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