19 definition by y2c

usually meaning the lowest grade of students in a school.(9th,10th,11th grade is also debatable, for examples)
in movies and t.v. shows, they are usually depicted as beady eyed kids that for some reason envy the upperclassmen almost as if they are god amoungst men..
but in real life they are generally ungreatful little snots that think they are tough/cool.oh and i never said they are all like this...
by y2c February 14, 2011

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people for whatever reason, consider m80's to be "fireworks" or "firecrackers". but dynomite is an explosive, and whats an m80? quarter stick of dynomite!!

they don't make big colorful sparks in the sky, nor small colorful sparks on the ground/partially in the air. no,the soul purpose is to literally blow something up with an m80. a solid object, not just blown of for the hell of it. make sense? stupid? idk. idc. it's just my point.
m80. there's the freaking example.
by y2c July 04, 2011

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an outdated,stupid piece of shit insult that is/was usually used by gaming nerds and wow lovers all over.it generally has no meaning,considering there are all different definitions for the word on this site,and since it isn't a real word,this is the only place you can find it defined,not in a dictionary.i haven't heard anyone say "n00b" or type it in over a year,so it's definatly outdated at this point.so that saying,anyone that still uses it HERE in 2009 is just a fuckin complete loser,and a lifeless good for nothing piece of shit.so you better put down the video games,and get a fucking life.
typical online teen kid:aww bro,shut the hell up man,your just a "n00b",you piece of crap "n00b".so get a life "n00b".

me:yeah noob doesn't mean jack shit.so stop trying to diss me by using such a shitty insult.and if your using that word still,your the one that needs to get a life,cause your a lazy worthless piece of gamer shit,and you don't know fucking nothing.
by y2c April 17, 2009

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exactly the same as a normal ribbed wifebeater tank top only worn by a girl. usually a bit more stylish than wifebeaters actually due to the fact that girls usually wear different colors(black,yellow,pink,green) rather than just plain white and could also be found at zumiez or other female skate clothes shops with various brand logos for a jacked up price.

actually 10x better than wifebeaters when worn by chicks that are stacked. fucking HOT!!..
i always had stiffies for the stacked girls in my school that wore husband beater(s)..
by y2c January 13, 2011

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kids that sit there,and fucking bitch about how much they hate nirvana,and kurt cobain,and blatently point out how much better they think AIC is better than nirvana.and yet they don't have the decency to realise the fact that they are two totally different bands,cause they are blindsided by the term "grunge",which both bands really aren't.plus,hello? aic= 5 members,nirvana=3 members.that's not even a fair contest,so why in the fuck would you compare the two? alice in chains kids can frequently be seen on AIC vids on youtube,stating things like "well, i think alice in chains is better than nirvana because..."and such.like we really give a fuck what they think..
you want an example of an alice in chains kid? go look at that dumb ass fuckin pussy twat's definition at the bottom of the AIC page on here.."fuck nirvana this,fuck kurt cobain that"...get a fucking life you whiner.and grow the fuck up.
by y2c April 14, 2009

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