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"mum i dont want to go to school today."
Mum, "whats wrong
"im just tired"
Mum, "that is not an excuse, go to school now."
by xoxoihateshore May 17, 2023
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a school in north sydneu
if you start talking to one of them literally all of them would start popping up on ur snap n u would start talkignto like all of them rq
they may be fit on snap but all of them r catfish irl
dont save ur mate if she is in an aloys school boys era
by xoxoihateshore May 11, 2023
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a gay school in sydney
lachy wang is not hot sorry not sorry

all the wilioughby girls should stop simping for him
he and his mates r all clapped
knox school
girl "omg im snapping this dude his so hot"
Her mate" who is it"
"Lachy wng"
"girl our whole group is snapping him'
by xoxoihateshore March 1, 2023
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the guys fromshore are all clapped and they all have big egos
they shit talk wenona girls n think they r the top shit
they should get humbled
"omg whos that guy u were talking to agin?'
"oh his from shore school,"
"ew hell nah what does he look like"
"ew tf, his so clapped"
by xoxoihateshore May 11, 2023
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a north sydney school with clapped boys n shit personality, someone needs to humble them fr there did all that confidence come from, yall gonna get bullied cuz ur calpped af
if you go to shore school go look in the mirror before saying mean stuff to peoples
by xoxoihateshore May 9, 2023
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