2 definitions by xoxoheartbreakgirl

manuel a guy who comes off as sweet so he can gain popularity. He seems as if he's this good guy sometimes but in reality he can be a bad guy. He focuses on soccer so much that he completely forgets about his girlfriends. he dates soccer girls because they have "more in common". in general, stay away from manuel.
manuel is my boyfriend, but he never talks to me.
by xoxoheartbreakgirl October 15, 2019
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A beautiful person and an amazing best friend.She'll have you laughing so much and she'll have you in such a good mood. be careful tho because even tho she may seem sweet she has serious anger issues and will beat you up if you mess with her or her friends. overall, she'll always be there for you and she'll hold it down for anyone. she deserves the world, period .
example: My'Endia is such a sweet friend!!
by xoxoheartbreakgirl October 15, 2019
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