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Those annoying kids/persons that think they are really hardcore. But they're not. And anyone who's not an idiot knows that. Unfortunately, the hardxxxcore person thinks they are acting cool/hardcore and show off/boast about how hardcore they are. When they're not.

When you see one of these dickheads, I want you to say to them, "Oooooh, aren't you hardxxxcore. But you know what, YOU'RE A FRIKKING POSER-LOSER-WANNABE-IDIOT.
1. There's some bogan idiot at the traffic lights, and as soon as the lights turn green, he revs, and goes tearing off down the road. He thinks he's cool. We think he's a bogan/hardxxxcore/idiot.

2. You're on the bus to school, and you ask the person opposite you what they're doing on the holidays. They say, "Probably just sit in my room and listen to depressing music." Then they spend the rest of the bus trip with their arm deliberately sticking riiight out of the seat so everyone can see their posers cuts. She thinks she's cool. We think she's a retard, and we know that she's actually in grade eight.

3. You're in King George Square Brisbane people or wherever the emo kids hang out in your town. There's a couple of scene kids hanging out over in the corner trying to look cool, by smoking and laughing just-a-little-bit too loudly to be real. They think they look intimidating. We think they look like try-hards.

Now I am quite sure that I put in what you have to say to these people in the definition. But please feel free to add in swear words where you feel is necessary. Thankyou.
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something/someone that is fantastic, in an emo way!
emo + fantastic = emotastic!! hahah get it?.... tehe.
"Wowzer. That photo is seriously emotastic."

"You put too many definitions on urbandictionary that relate to Emo. That makes you lame." "No, it makes me emotastic"
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A phrase to imply that someone is a SERIOUS tool (insult), or that done something really toolish.
Rosie: Wtf? Why the hell did you feel the need to buy the Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt that I was saving up for!? There were loads of different types that you could have gotten!

Emily: To piss you off.

Rosie: Well I guess that makes you a TOOLY MCTOOLIGAN...
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A harsh highschool payout used on anyone who is dating someone much younger than themselves, meaning dealing with children, as you would need to be a teacher or nanny.
See cradlesnatcher
Duuude, you're sixteen and going out with a twelve year old. You need a blue card...
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Fuckedy Fuck Fuck. I don't think I'd like many of you people much. You all think Hawthorne Heights sucks arse. Well here's some news for you.... THEY'RE THE SHIZZZZZZZ. The only person I really agree with is Wednesday 13 who wrote no. 28. They have excellent taste. *gives thumbs up*

Hawthorne Heights are from Ohio, as most other definitions may have stated, hence the song Ohio Is For Lovers. And no, i don't just like that song because it has the line, "So cut my wrists and black my eyes." And I liked it for the whole 57.5 seconds BEFORE that line came on for the first time. 'Tis an excellent song. And so are all their others. He's not even talking about cutting himself, really, coz it's just a way of describing how the girl, or I guess guy maybe, makes him feel.

All the li'l retards that put I-Hate-Hawthorne-Heights-ish definitions, you obviously haven't done yo' research now have you. You've just gone and labelled it as "just another crap emo band". Well I don't think ANY emo bands are crap (noting that Simple Plan, Good Charlotte ect do NOT fall into the emo category - thankgodforthat) but Hawthorne Heights really is something special. Sometimes I even cry when I listen to their stuff. But I guess it really matters what music you listen to in the first place.

All who oppose, well FUCK YOU.
Tehe. I can be such a try hard sometimes. Ah well.
Learn how to spell, idiots.
Everybody say it with me... "HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS RULES!!"

Download, err, I mean, buy *coughs* songs - The Transition
- Ohio Is For Lovers
- Niki FM.
- Dead In The Water
- This Is Who We Are
- Saying Sorry
And if you like them at first listen, look up the lyrics too. They are just as important. :)

"You tried your best and you knew it wouldn't last"
"To tell me how you feel in 5 words or less"
"These colours will not change; You change the way I see them"
"Close the door; lock it tight. Then I'll know you're safe tonight. Put on a song, that means the most. Believe I'm there, and hold me close"
"Let's take back words, that turn to scars"
"It's everything you wanted; the mark you always missed"
"Because you kill me"
"I'm outside of your window, with my radio"
"Shine on, diamond eyes"
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