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Those annoying kids/persons that think they are really hardcore. But they're not. And anyone who's not an idiot knows that. Unfortunately, the hardxxxcore person thinks they are acting cool/hardcore and show off/boast about how hardcore they are. When they're not.

When you see one of these dickheads, I want you to say to them, "Oooooh, aren't you hardxxxcore. But you know what, YOU'RE A FRIKKING POSER-LOSER-WANNABE-IDIOT.
1. There's some bogan idiot at the traffic lights, and as soon as the lights turn green, he revs, and goes tearing off down the road. He thinks he's cool. We think he's a bogan/hardxxxcore/idiot.

2. You're on the bus to school, and you ask the person opposite you what they're doing on the holidays. They say, "Probably just sit in my room and listen to depressing music." Then they spend the rest of the bus trip with their arm deliberately sticking riiight out of the seat so everyone can see their posers cuts. She thinks she's cool. We think she's a retard, and we know that she's actually in grade eight.

3. You're in King George Square Brisbane people or wherever the emo kids hang out in your town. There's a couple of scene kids hanging out over in the corner trying to look cool, by smoking and laughing just-a-little-bit too loudly to be real. They think they look intimidating. We think they look like try-hards.

Now I am quite sure that I put in what you have to say to these people in the definition. But please feel free to add in swear words where you feel is necessary. Thankyou.
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