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Noun- someone who craves the constant attention of everyone they are around, and acts out in rediculous ways to get it. Generally they think they are funny when they really are just making a fool of themselves.
The reason I don't talk about my sister is because she's a fucking Attention Whore, and I don't want to be associated with someone like that.
by xX_deviantartpornmaster_Xx November 4, 2016
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A slutty girl who only does oral to try and keep herself clean, moral and a virgin, and gets ticked off when people judge her. Also an idiot, hypocrite and/or bitch.
Everyone knows what a BlowHoe Kathy is. She sits around eating more cock than a fat person at mcdonalds.
by xX_deviantartpornmaster_Xx November 4, 2016
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adj (bAhh-Dayn-Kuh-Dayn-Kuh) one step up from dank, a descriptive word for something incredibly dankish.
1. "hey there stephanie that ass full of weed is so bahdnkek."
2. Obama's inagural speech made my physics teacher cry bahnkek tears of joy.
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