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Several dyed pieces of hair (usually found on the heads of scene girls) That are striped horizontally with a different color of hair, made to look like the tail of a raccoon. They are often worn as extensions (bought from hot topic) rather than actual hair.
Scene Girl 1: Hey, did you see Carol Chaos's new green and black coontails? aren't they rad?
Scene girl 2: Well, they would be...if they weren't extensions.
by xXAllison[x]WonderlandXx April 16, 2009

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1) HAIR-Usually has BIG, poofy, teased hair (or spiked in the back if it's short). Their hair is most often dyes black or blonde with a few random streaks or coontails in it, with emo bangs swooshed over one eye or straight, blunt bangs that go over the eyebrows. Accessories include little bows, barrettes, headbands, ect.

2)CLOTHING-ALWAYS WEARS SKINNY JEANS: no other types of jeans are scene, super skinny jeans are a staple in the scene kid world. Scene girls usually have dark-washed jeans with either a jacket or band t-shirt on, with many layers of lacy tank-tops underneath. They like to wear pearls and wear lots of little kid beaded bracelets. The most scene shoes are vans, flats, skate shoes, or converse.

3) MAKE-UP: The scene make-up is CRUCIAL to the style. The girls will either wear a thick line of BLACK eyeliner an the top and bottom lid with bright and carefully done eyeshadow, or thick eyeliner at the bottom and intense dark black eyeshadow almost to the brow. Lots of girls will wear pale face powder. They will also wear either no lip make-up or put conceler and lip gloss on their lips.

4) PERSONALITY- Most scene kids will be extremely conceited and have a gazillion pics of themselves on myspace. They are mostly loud and random, and have funky personalities. They like to say stuff that no one says anymore (mostly 80's slang). They like to go to raves and shows alot. Some stubborn scene kids claim they're not scene at all, and say their "hardcore"...but we all know they aren't. ;)

5) MYSPACE: Every true scene kid NEEDS to have a myspace. Scene girls will usually have their scene name up for their name, and a kabillion pics of themselves. They also will have a bazillion friends (because they're Myspace whores)
1) Emma: Wow, Becky's been turning into such a scene girl now!
Rachel: I know, she even changed her name on myspace to "Becky Brutal"

2) Scene girls talking amongst themselves: Wow, LOL like, i went to a rave last night!!! but I lost my bow, aw how sad...blah blah blah
by xXAllison[x]WonderlandXx April 15, 2009

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