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Names that can sound childish, but effective in teh myspace and scene world to make you sound more standout-ish or original. Usually must be two or more words long and start with the same first letter of your first name. If the word has the same sound as the first letter of your naem, you may change the word to that letter.
A random word starting with a different letter can also be added to make your name sound cute or interesting.
Charlie Scene
Scotty Vanity
Rusko Star
Jeffree Star
Koti Rose
Those are all acceptable Scene Names
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A cool nickname so that people throughout myspace will know you, and recognize you easier.

**Tips for a good "scene name"**
!Of course you could choose a word starting with the same letter of your first name as most commonly done
!It is also a cool idea to choose something that has the same amount of syllables so that is has a nice ring to it.
!It also works nice if the name rhymes or has similar sounding vowels.
be original.
there are hundreds of "sammi scenes" and "devin disasters"
out there, so choose something unsed and uncommon.
Also dont choose the same name as a myspacer whom is very popular (50k+ in friends) if you took their name... it could get you bashed and your myspace reputation trashed!

!!As to WHAT to choose
try something to do with...

!!And whats becoming increasingly popular...
Two first names
in other words your first and middle name or just a nickname.

!!If you need help
try looking in the dictionary
youd be surprised how many options you can find!
OMG! Sammi scene is so gorgeous!
wait... which one?

Allison Anal has crazy hair...
yea I know her, she has such a cool scene name!
Its so original!

Mellissa Marie is the lead singer of MILLIONAIRES.
Emily Ashley has a nice ring to it, its a cool scene name.
by Emily Erection February 24, 2008
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Scene names are names that scene kids use for their myspace, livejournal, bebo, vampire freaks, buzznet, aim, or MSN usernames.

1. Some scene kids use words that start with the first letter of their name. These words are usually crude, violent, obscene, or occansonailly 'cute'. See examples below for an example.

2. A variation of the above is to use your first name + a crude, violent, or cute word that does not start with the same letter of your first name. See examples below for an example.

3. Scene kids like to use play on words for their names. These play on words usually contain their actual name in it. See examples below for an example.

4. It's really cool to use your middle name in your scene name! But if your middle name is ugly, just make one up. A popular name scene girls use is Marie. Why it is over-used, I don't know. See examples below for an example.

5. Scene kids think it will make them uber unique if they replace a word in a band name with their name. See examples below for an example.

6. You can use your actual first and last name, but only if it's totally sceneXcore and radd. See examples below for an example.

7. Posers may think it's cool to have a billion X's, the words RAWR, MEOW, and IM SO SC3NE, IM SO 3M0 in their names. See examples below for an example.

8. If yOu have radd characters in your name, like Hello Kitty or Gir, that makes for a pwnful scene name!

9. Lastly, scene kids like to say they're brutal, hardcore, and tough.
Scene Names examples:

1. Britany Bitch; Sarah Suicide; Sarah Sex; Kelly Anne Kupcake; Morgan Morphine; Gregg Gore;

2. Allie Murder; Maria Horror; Mitch Fame

3. Allison Wonderland; Justin Sane

4. Melissa Marie; Kelly Ann; Connor Evan; Dani Lynn

5. To Be Ariana's Secret (Original band name= To Be Juliet's Secret); Dani! At The Disco (Original band name= Panic! At The Disco); Fall Out Amy (Original Band name= Fall Out Boy.)

6. Audrey Kitching; Raquel Reed; Brittany Kramer

7. RAWRR itz saraah!; RAWR IM SO EMO; SARAHxxxxMEOW!; SC3NE QU33N HANNAHx0x0

8. Sarah ((HELLO KITTY)); Kelli LUBS Gir!;

by gliiter bolt. January 21, 2009
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