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A prison that contains about 5x the number of teenagers that it's actually supposed to.

Parents definition: The best place people have made, the best 4 years of my life, blah blah blah... Best this, best that... Really gets you prepared for real world... blah blah blah... *tunes out*

Our definition: The same routine every single day. Waking up super early to dress well in order to impress our friends. Use the extra time in the morning to finish the homework we didn't bother to look at when we get home. Get on the smelly, B.O. filled scented bus, and turn our face red by trying to hold our breath until we get to school. When arriving at school, we say hi and act super-excited to see all the same, boring people we see everyday.

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Teachers- A large group of obnoxious old grannies and grandpas who attempt to 'teach' us about things, and fail. Makes us memorize things that are completely useless in life, and yell at us for stupid reasons. Many would like to shoot these humans.

Preps- Rich blond kids that are obsessed with PINK, Abercrombie&Fitch, Aeropostale, and brands like that. Normally have boobs hanging out from shirt, with no butt to fill in jeans. Commonly complains about broken fingernails and uses the words "Like, ohemgee, lawl."

Jocks- Stupid athletes that are very egotistical and obnoxious. Normally either disrupts class or sleeps in it. Picks on little people to make them feel better about themselves.

Geeks/Nerds- People who are generally either picked on in school, or gets all the hot girls nowadays. Has straight A's and is on honor roll, etc. Talks only to the other nerds.

Goths- People who overdose on the color black, and look like little balls of evil.

Emos- A bunch of posers who think being emo is cool. Constantly whines about how sucky their life is when they have a mansion, a maid, with a Ferrari. Cuts and brags.

Scene Kids- Posers who love going to concerts, makes their hair look all trippy, and think it's cool. Always says that they are 'different' when there are about 50 million other people who look like them. These people are fail.

Gangsters- People who threaten to 'kick your ass' when they know they won't really do anything. Always seen throwing up gang signs, or trying to 'holla' at a girl. Are very illiterate and brags about how many people they've supposedly killed.

Principals- Assholes who love suspending kids and making their highschool experience a living hell. Hurray.



Math- A class where the teacher attempts to teach us things about numbers and tries to confuse us with them. Makes it extremely and ridiculously hard to understand numbers. I, myself would like to throw a pencil into my teacher's eyeball.

History- The most boring subject to some people, and is actually pretty useless. We learn about 'our mistakes' and 'how to prevent them in the future.' I apologize, but I doubt that anyone in their classes will ever have anything to do with politics, or make a difference in the world.

English- Teacher attempts to teach you about grammar and punctuation. Normally assigns you paperwork like essays. When you are creative and hand in a wonderful essay, you get a low grade. When you just follow the rubric and say what they want to hear, you get a high grade.

Science- You learn about useless living forms in biology, and take time to cut up poor animals just to see what's inside their body. Why don't you people ask the emo kids to be your experiments? I'm sure they wouldn't mind being cut up.

In conclusion, high school does nothing but review the things we've already learned throughout elementary and middle school. It also adds a high level of stress, and is probably the leading cause of death in the US. Thank you to whoever made high school, and congratulations for killing about half the teenage population.
High school shootouts are understandable now.
by xTracieeex June 15, 2009
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