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Striking a body builder-like pose while sending a text message. Quite common on the beaches of California but also observed at North Avenue Beach in Chicago.
After a workout at Muscle Beach, Win, ripped and glistening with sweat, was flexting some girl he met at the club last night.
by win williams November 09, 2008
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Trump/Moron - A Trump supporter and a moron (all of them). Is Pessimistic about America, narcissistic, isolationist, authoritarian, uneducated, and poor.
Hey Trumoron! Get ur piece of shit '85 chevelle off my lawn and get your GED!
by win williams July 21, 2016
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One who attracts many people of diverse backgrounds to one place
Gary the togetherer is having a party!!! We're going to hang out at Gary's place tonight and play basketball!! There will a token Jew and some naggers, Mexicans, Indians (curry not casinos) and white accountants.
by win williams September 02, 2016
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Hispanic American for LMAO
My primo Beto tweeted a funny joke. Everyone re-tweeted the joke with a JAJAMAO!
by win williams November 16, 2015
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