One who attracts many people of diverse backgrounds to one place
Gary the togetherer is having a party!!! We're going to hang out at Gary's place tonight and play basketball!! There will a token Jew and some naggers, Mexicans, Indians (curry not casinos) and white accountants.
by win williams September 3, 2016
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When people do things together, the act of such an activity is togetherism

Maintaining a cohesive relationship and unity is togetherism.
Every Sunday we have a lot of togetherism when we have lunch and play soccer as a family.

Standing up for your loved one in times of need is togetherism.
by l1n3sh September 24, 2014
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family gatherings, too much non-quality time spent with family and friends usually during the holidays
I am not looking forward to the holiday togetherment. How was your Christmas togetherment?
by alone again by choice December 31, 2007
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