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A series of strategically floating battleshit Hendren.
As I snapped off some Hendren into the water, they formed into a formidable Squadren.
by will bitten September 18, 2016

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a large turd that is stubborn to flush down.
my toilet was struggling to flush a hendren.
by will bitten September 17, 2016

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Purposely not inviting the nerd or the asshole of a group of friends to any social event.
Before going to the Jays game we need to Clip the Tard!
by will bitten September 18, 2016

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A woman who has extremely long hair around her anus.
When she took off her panties I noticed she was sporting a Goat Tugger
by will bitten September 18, 2016

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Using your hand as a handkerchief when you blow snot into it and then promptly flick it off toward the ground.
I saw this guy use his hand as a Polish Hankie when he blew snot after he sneezed.
by will bitten September 30, 2016

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A woman so jacked up on Botox that it is nearly impossible to guess her real age.
The Carny was off by 20 years trying to guess how old the Ageless Beauty was. He had to cough up the giant stuffed animal!
by will bitten October 02, 2016

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When you shit in the woods while camping and you run out of toilet paper. While exercising your last shit ticket you get some shit on your hand and need to get it off by shaking and flicking vigorously.
My hand was still covered with shit flicks as I tried my best to wipe
by will bitten October 05, 2016

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