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ur so bored u (succesfully) tried to find a definition to cheer you up

This aint gone help, trust me.

-_- why u still reading

go touch grass

If ur reading this u need help,

Im bored. so i type a cuss word to see the outcome when i scroll down to mug.

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by whyrugeh September 5, 2022
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When ur so bored that u decide to search the word bored in order to read this sentence so ur not bored anymore.
Look above stoopid. Ur so bored that u even decided to skip the sentence and directly look at the definition.
by whyrugeh May 22, 2022
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The first ever word typed on the was login, but after the ¨l¨ and the ¨o¨ where typed in, the system crashed. So the first actual word on the internet was ¨lo¨
Charley Kline: Ladies and gentleman, i will type the first word on the internet, ever.
People: woohoo
Charley Kline: *types in l and o*
System: *casually crashes*
by whyrugeh January 14, 2022
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