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The insane dancing associated with electro gigs. Dancers either mimic the movements of the DJs or do their own thing, normally the latter one. Doing your own thing consists of seizure like movements coupled with jumping.

People have been known to suffer broken toes and occasional kidney punches from such an activity.
Two people holding onto each other while dancing at a gig.

Person 1: Hang on! The break in the song is coming!
Person 2: Oh man!
Person 1: Watch out for this guy in the white shirt, his electro moshing is going to knock us out!
by whydee November 27, 2011
1. The end of the world caused by climate change.
2. Climate change related destruction of villages, towns, cities and countries.
It's 50°C again! Charlie, the climaggedon is here!
by whydee March 21, 2019
Trying to recall where and when you spent all your money normally when that said money is needed. Occurs because of bad spending habits and fucking awesome party nights.
"Dude, I'm so bad with money! It just disappears."

"You might have spending amnesia. I remember you lost at beer pong then hit the pubs with those trannys.'"
by whydee September 16, 2011
That comfy couch that invites you to lie over it like a bag of potatoes. In fact, you would look better dead rather than lying on it.
Watching Charlie on the coma couch.

Person A: "If Charlie dead?"

Person B: "No, just hogging the coma couch."
by whydee November 6, 2012
Used to describe music made by the saxophone because it's so damn sexy.
Person A: That sax solo at the end of Midnight City gets me every time. It's so saxy!
Person B: I see what you did there.

Person A lvl up 100pts
by whydee August 29, 2013
Post-party depression and the laziness associated with it. Rotting activities include eating McDonalds in the car and remaining in the car for an additional half an hour while parked outside your house. Physical symptoms include large designer bags beneath your eyes.
Person A: "I don't think I'm going to make tonight."

Person B: "Why?"

Person A: "I'm rotting. Can't you smell last night on me? Fuck this, I'm going home."
by whydee September 22, 2012
You miss one class or lecture because you don't feel like it or it's at an inconvenient time for you. Then you start skipping all the classes related to that subject and eventually you're bunking important lessons.

It's the so called bunking train because you hop on the train at the station and it starts to pick up speed. No one ever tells you that it's headed to Failure City.
"Haha, sounds like you're on the bunking train."

"I know, I skipped stats and now I don't want to go to maths. I'm fucked, oh well."
by whydee February 21, 2012