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A derrogatory term for very poor white people. A racist epithet, not because it specifies race, per se, but because it implies that unsophisticated, disadvantaged white people require special distinction as such to differentiate them from your average poor, huddled masses yearning to be free.

People described as "white trash" tend to be more overtly racist than most, because their very lives prove the fact that you don't have to be black or hispanic to be underpriveleged. They blame non-whites and reverse racism for their oppression...then vote for Bush.
There's trash...and then there's white trash. Some folks you 'spect to be lazy good-fer-nuthin crooks. But white folks? It just ain't natural.
by whitechick August 10, 2006

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The most amazing thing ever to be invented. Made in Abington mass at brothers and I can't go a week without one
by Whitechick January 09, 2014

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Noun. Derogatory term for "white person". Based on other popular definitions, the word is a also a precious excuse for passive-agressive white people who think they are victims and take this term as irrefutable evidence of the existence of reverse racism. The latter, incidentally, implies that there is some natural direction that racism is SUPPOSED to run...and that's towards black people. Not crackers.
Did you hear that black dude call me a cracker? It's so unfair that he can call me a cracker and I can't call him a nigger. I really WANT to call him a nigger, but if anyone caught wind of it it might hurt my senate campaign...and besides, I'm late for a benefit. God, I feel so OPPRESSED!

Why can't I shoot him for calling me a cracker, mom? He'd shoot me for calling him a nigger! Either that, or he'd use his considerable socio-economic influence to get me thrown in prison "for racism". And those places are just crawling with people of color.
by whitechick August 10, 2006

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Compound noun. In its most basic sense, reverse racism implies the opposite of good old, healthy, classic racism the way it was always meant to be - against black people. A reliable source of white complaints about affirmative action and words like "cracker". Apparently, hypocrisyis an apt synonym, implying that non-whites have no right to weild the weapons of a damning social construct that was invented to be used against them for political and monetary gain. Isn't it obvious that today's reverse racism hurts white people far more than centuries of state-sanctioned violence and systematic oppression ever could?
Everyone would have forgotten all about the whole race issue by now if black people weren't constantly throwing reverse racism in our faces!
by whitechick August 10, 2006

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