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Welsh slang word, usually means something that is very nice, awesome, or food or drinks which are tasty.

This word can also be found used in english places that are very near wales, like bristol.
Person1 : "Those welsh cakes were LUSH!"

Person2 : "Oooh, did you see john? he's looking absolutely lush today!"

Person3 : "That ride was so lush!"
by whistony wisey October 1, 2021
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When an engineer Refuses to heal its teamMates and Just does a laugh taunt when a team mate dies
All the engineers are a pootisjoot

Hey lets be a pootisjoot

I hate those pootisjoot's

I love those pootisJoot's they aint doing anything on the enemy team
by whistony wisey January 23, 2018
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a misspell of r/woooosh normally, and usually get corrected with r/woooosh
A non-redditor : r/whoosh! haha
A redditor : r/woosh with 4os
A non-redditor : what?
by whistony wisey August 15, 2019
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The feeling of being british, luckily most of the time if this feeling is felt, you are not british, if this feeling has been present for more than 48 hours, it may be signs of upcoming britishfication, if this occurs, please see your local meme priest immediately.

Often occurs after witnessing a large number of british memes.
(xxrandomguyxx) : Dude, why did you spam all those british memes, now i feel britiqued, i hate you, i'm gonna go to bed to let this wear off.
(xxepictrollerguyxx) : :trollface:
by whistony wisey June 23, 2021
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Begging, often used online, more specifically in youtube comments, made to look like a good-hearted supportive comment, but often containing some sort of message included in it that is basically begging to get what they want.
(Random fortnite profile picture) : I hope everyone passes their exams and has a good life, god bless you all! But my dad said if i get 500 subscribers he'll gift me an xbox!

(Random replier) : Dude stfu stop disguised begging..
by whistony wisey June 19, 2021
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