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Beca is usually a nickname for Rebeca which is commonly known with hispanic descent. Beca's usually are really friendly and extremely attractive.Even though them themselves hate their own appearance. Tend to have a big ass and on the shorter side. Everyone who doesn't like them most likely do not because they are jealous of how beautiful and unique they are to an everyday person. Beca's tend to be good at everything effortlessly. They sometimes over think too much and end up having bad luck. But generally everyone is drawn to them and wants to be in their circle. Beca's are a lot tougher then they let on so don't be fooled if they break past their nice shell. Great advice givers and give off a vibe of trustworthiness. They aren't perfect but without having a close bond with one, they seem like they are. Super brutally honest and always late to everything. Good friends and good girlfriends even though they get foggy in the relationship area. If you don't know one get to know one, you'll never have a better inspirational and crazy wild friendship then you will with her!
Her body is perfect and so is her face, she's super friendly too! Do you know her name?
-That's Beca.
by ashley ghram January 27, 2017
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Beca, I could go on about her for years, about how amazing she is. She is possibly the bestest friend you could ever wish for, all Beca are probably the same but none will be as good as the 1 I know. Beca you know who you are after I put my name st the bottom Beca H who loves to ballet, the best person I’ve ever met , don’t know what I would do with out you. Love you so much. Lots and lots of love from Lily Xxx happy bday for tomoz
Beca is the best Xxxxxxx
by Ystalafera January 31, 2018
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An extremely fit girl. One of incredible beauty.
Boy 1 - "Phwoar look at that girl over there, she's hot"

Boy 2 - "Yeah i know man! She's such a Beca!!"
by Edward Cullen January 06, 2009
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