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An attention getting entrance.
The girl came tumbling down the stairs while riding her suitcase on wheels - it was quite the attentrance.
by werdnad April 01, 2011

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Sudden gay outbursts from a still-in-the-closet person. Usually slipped into a normal conversation (oops - there's one now - sorry for my gayrettes!!).
Q: Do you like girls?
A: Yeah sure - of course.
Q: Yeah me too. Cocks - big fucking cocks. Cocks.
A: Dude you got Gayrettes.
by werdnad October 05, 2013

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Diabetes (while not a laughing matter) previously consisted of Type 1 (juvenile) and Type 2 (adult onset). It now also includes Diabetes, Types 3-8:
Type 3 = instant onset
Type 4 = pre-emptive onset
Type 5 = person-to-person
Type 6 = airborne
Type 7 = STD, or Sexually Transmitted Diabetes
Type 8 = retroactive
Type 3 = instant onset (eating a lot of donuts)
Type 4 = pre-emptive onset (thinking about donuts)
Type 5 = person-to-person (like catching a cold)
Type 6 = airborne (you smell donuts)
Type 7 = STD, or Sexually Transmitted Diabetes (does it need an explanation?)
Type 8 = retroactive (you know you ate a lot of donuts in the past)
by werdnad July 26, 2013

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