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overheard on Piccadilly in London, seemingly meant to imply one mastubates or 'knuckles' compulsively.
"outta me way ya knuckler!"
by wax September 02, 2004

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Beyond or surpassing ludicrous.
A 78" TV is ludicrous, but a 176" TV is riconkulous.
by wax February 25, 2004

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stoner dell spokesman that gets arrested for buying weed.
boydell: dude, youre getting a dimebag!
by wax May 21, 2003

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For those too lazy or thoughtless to use a search engine to find answers to their queries, who repeatedly ask their friends in the know, this word-derived-from-acronym means "Your Own Personal Google"
"Who am I? YOPG? STFW!"
by wax September 02, 2004

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n Someone who found a leadership position due to every other person more qualified being employed in more important roles.

From: The town of Luskan in the forgotten realms where a nobody became a Lord of Waterdeep.
Damn, Simon pulled a true Luskan after the CEO and VP quit, now running the department.
by Wax May 20, 2016

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noun; the origin, presence or residual smell, taste, touch, sound, sight and/or feeling from encountering that which you hate.

adjective; describing anything you hate in one word.
(fat old lady tourist): where's the nearest ATM?
(local): mundt
by wax September 02, 2004

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Used to discribe someone who, in an irc, hits Enter before finishing a word.
<wax> Dude, Meet the Parents sucke
<andrew> Your a little trigger happy today. eh?
by Wax February 28, 2005

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