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adverb or adjective. To express agreement in a cute, pleasant, disarmingly nice way.

Usually a simple way of diffusing an otherwise over tense situation.

See also: Okie Dokie okey dokey smokey okey doke
Boss: We need those documents going to our Hong Kong office TODAY!

Worker: Okee dokee.
by w5 February 25, 2005

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The definition of Circle Jerk - COULD - be subject to regional differences. Like Pop in the Midwest is Soda everywhere else (each taking their small part of Soda Pop).

In the Midwest, in the 70's (when I was in Jr. High), the accepted meaning of Circle Jerk referred to a wanking party game with the last to go eating the unfortunate cracker the produce was aimed at. I take some stock in this definition as there is nothing quicker on the trigger than a Jr. High boy.

Plus they're still of an age where remedial body functions are an item of infinite fascination (do they ever REALLY outgrow that?), and what else would they do on long, dull, Winter nights?
These hors dourves look like circle jerk leftovers.
by w5 February 23, 2005

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An NYC delicacy -- NOT -- for the tourists. You have to know WHO dips their dogs for the LEAST time -- AND buys the good meat. But yeah, the water's turbid. Soooooo, nice, and JUST the right "snap."

Don't know what I'm talking about? This ain't your Oscar Meyer wieeeeeener. Go to McDonald's, that's your speed.
See also dirty water death dog --- pfffft freak'n tourist.
by w5 July 28, 2005

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Windsurfing term

Verb: To be shoved with sudden great force into the water while on a planing reach. This action happens when the apparent or prevailing wind curves around the leeward side of the sail and inverts it to windward.
Man - I got totally SPANK'D on that last run.
by w5 February 23, 2005

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Geek-Speak. Something SOOOOOO old and -- crusty -- the S's are f shaped. (Typography c1700)

See also cruffty -- waaaat ya think geeks kn -- like spel?
..... much less any old cruffty 8.x install (gcc 2.9.x, older glibc, kernel, etc.).


Thats some really crufty code you're flashing amigo.
by w5 July 28, 2005

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Adjective: To simultaneously act odd, insecure, jumpy, untrusting, and suspicious.
If he's THAT hinky NOW, imagine what he'll be like to work with!
by w5 February 23, 2005

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