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really sweet, hott, nice, ripped, sexy. you go out with him then he breaks up with you leaving you broken hearted for 3 months and everyone expecting you to get back together (still waiting) kisses perfectly and is totally into boobs
"ugh my shirt comes up to high, elijah"
"well god you whorrrrrable person" *kisses forehead*
by vicken131313 July 29, 2011
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A small school where the vice principal/ 8th grade P.E coach (2010-11 or so) walk around making up the dress code as they go, giving out a many detentions they can. Where the skinny bitches try to act cool, the skaters piss the teachers off, druggies are everywhere, teachers are smoking weed, and people like me sorry losers get they're heads slamed in lockers. It's such a small school there's 1 emo. It's a small town hell.
Dude I hate Los Osos Middle School so much LIONS SUCK!!!!!!
by Vicken131313 April 29, 2011
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U can't define this crazy chick she's off the wall but u still gotta love her her smile is contagious and you'll laugh when you sense her presence
Hey u know Ilyahna?
That crazy bitch? ya
Hey that crazy bitch is the shit!!!!
by vicken131313 July 29, 2011
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Nigel Archer, the most albino kid you'll ever meet
*Nigel walking down the hall*
Random person: Hey Niggle!
*Nigel sighs and walks away*
by vicken131313 May 13, 2012
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