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A mom whom feel that they need to protect their kids from the evils of the world wide web, t.v., and music. Even though there aren't really any. Like only watch movies pg and under, and tv-pg and under. There kid might not get to hear the greatness of heavy metal too.
Person1:I really want this death cd.
Person2:Yeah Death is awesome.
Soccermom:Heavy metal is the devil. You shouldn't be listening to that. Instead go pick up a Hannah Montana cd.
Person1:Shut up. Her singing makes my ears bleed.
Person2:Bitch your the one who are trying to tell us what to do.
Soccer mom:Don't say that in front of my kids.
Person1:We don't care.(Gives the bird.)
Soccermom leaves.
Person2:stupid soccer mom.

by vfdc June 27, 2007
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Since I am a southerner I'll give you a REAL defintion.
Many believe that we are rednecks ,white trash ,and a hick.
I for one am not, and many people that I know are not. See I have ALL my teeth, and I have no country accent what so ever. My friends call it an American accent. I have a fucking education thank you very much. In no way am I racist. I hate country music. I'm more into metal and Deftones, Team Sleep. I don't believe that the south will rise again, and many people here think that will never happen. We lost for a GOOD reason. Plus it was 1861 to 1865 way before our lifetimes. Yes, we say y'all what else are you surpposed to say? Ihr?(German for you pural.) GET THE FUCK OVER IT.
The south is a very good place to lice. If you northerners can stand the heat.
Example doesn't use the word southerner. Use the word in a sentence.
Example has too many blank lines in a row.
Example has too many blank lines in a row.
Example has too many blank lines in a row.
Example has too many blank lines in a row.
by vfdc October 14, 2007
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They ARE nu-metal. And we all know that nu-metal is not real metal. Thus they are FALSE METAL. And as the old sying goes DEATH TO FALSE METAL. Besides that point they're not even that good. I've heard some of their stuff and it was boring. Except for Shimmy, but it got old quick. Thankfully nu-metal is dying out. Well except for Slipknot I don't get why they still have fans. They suck too. In conclusion Soad Sucks.
Yes, it's true System of a Down suck.

Get into real metal like
Death Atheist or maybe Gojira!
by vfdc March 15, 2008
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The logo for the band him. Which is a really crappy band. Created by the singer or something.
The heartagram is really gay. Go ahead and put your thumbs down on this, but it's really gay.
by vfdc June 20, 2007
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