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adj. referring to a cheaper version of something
ghetto milk- adding milk to the last bit to make it last longer
ghetto wallet- a ziploc bag with money in it
ghetto i pod- a CD player or even better, a walkman
by veggiebeef October 30, 2008
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some thing never followed except between the most best friends.
-Oh, I heard she's going out with that guy friend of yours you've liked since kindergarten

-Isn't that a total violation of the girl code?

-so? no body actually follows "girl code "
by veggiebeef January 29, 2009
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when used in a sentence that doesn't fit into the conversation, it is a cue from one girl to another girl to pull her shirt up, and to boys to look quick.
Marie: Hey did you go to that party?
Nancy: Yeah it was really great, but don't you just love bananas?
Marie: whoops! thanks
Brock: What? Where?!?
by veggiebeef December 21, 2008
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