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Cartoon fight tactic. Put your opponents head in a pan, shake the pan around, basically panbazzle 'em 'till they had enough
Oh yeah....then he threw 'im throu' de double doors and panbazzled him until he was foaming at the mouth
by userpthat April 22, 2017

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Usually experienced during a cringe-fest, when events reach their most cringeworthy point.
You remember when you read that fucking love poem to sandra at the highschool concert, what a fucking cringendo man
by userpthat December 05, 2016

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masturbation session that goes on for so long that all enjoyment and horniness is eventually lost
Yeah I got home after ten JD and coke and had me a gramp wank
by userpthat December 05, 2016

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The sparkling appearance occurring when glitter is sprayed on afro-carribean hair
That mama sure is looking hot Teddy
Yeah she all about the froglean tonight fam
by userpthat December 05, 2016

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Feeling you get that someone is watching you, in a department store, and when you turn around is just a manikin.
Hey bro. I feel someones watching me. Yeah you big pus, I get that shit all the time from these plastic weirdos here you are you got the manikinoia bro.
by userpthat February 26, 2018

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