42 definitions by ur mom

1 out of 8 of all yous guys's moms. Some redneck "Ma's" like to hang out at shitty bars full of dirty men of the same class that smell really bad and know not much. They have every recipe on how to prepare squirell and possum.
LeAnn brought home some trashy redneck guy from the Puke'N Piss Pub and introduced him to her sister. Her sister, Josie-Sue, said "Ah jus' got dun cookin......so yall want some frah-ed gourmet possum?"
by Ur Mom September 15, 2004
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The worst possible thing anyone can ever be.
You are a trinket= You are a motherless shit eating donkey fucker.
by ur mom September 28, 2003
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a vegetable, crack, sex
Go pick the lokes outside in the garden
by ur mom March 20, 2005
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Tiwa, the french kid at Shorecrest Prep's buddhist dad, is actually synonymous with "shit".
Geez, dude! I just took a big tiwa! Don't go in there.
by ur mom March 18, 2005
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Ugly-ass, balding redneck son of a bitch politician from Louisiana. He, for some unthinkable reason, married a Republican woman. He has a face that is so ugly, he makes rats and blind kids cry. I think he should rot in Hell just for being a dumbass piece of white trash and for being so fucking fugly.
Carville in some stupid commercial from 2003 or early 2004: ...So we can argue over which one of mah cousins makes duh bes' gumbo!
by Ur Mom October 26, 2004
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The perfect insult to address your enemies with.
I can call these people Weak Ass Bitches:
-John Kerry
-Anti-white Black racists
-Middle Eastern Islamic terrorists
-Hardcore Punks with pierced faces
-Anti-Native American people
-Ultra-liberals of any race
-Your Mom
by Ur Mom November 06, 2004
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an unlethal dose of weakness
u cant lift that penny cuz u took vitamin e
by ur mom November 06, 2003
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