It's where you yourself finish up a situation or scenario. Or be done with a person/situation/scenario.
Did you sort out that stuff with that lad? Yeh Bruv I patterned him
by LinguoGuy October 11, 2018
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Patterned is another word for beaten up or banged up
1 - aye g this neeks gonna get patterned tomo after school

2 - safe sn g
by d207 April 1, 2019
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Patterned is when you change something about yourself/do something that someone told you to do when trying to insult you
Someone : "Go fix your teeth!"
You : *goes and fixes teeth only because that person told them to*
Someone else : "Damn she/he just got Patterned!"
by Someone sksksks May 6, 2019
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To fix yourself/get yourself together after doing some stupid ass shit or just picking up yo damn life. Also, means to get yourself into line/know your place.
John : Your mother is fucking ugly as all fucking hell

Alex : Pattern b
by Deadbritishlad March 5, 2017
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' Im going to start chatting to her and eventually she'll be all over man "
Gerald: Oi she's buff go move to her
Simon: yeah i'm gonna pattern her still
by John Koroma March 12, 2017
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To make a plan or model used as a guide for doing other things
Let's make a design pattern for this project.
by Rami79 November 2, 2009
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