3 definitions by uneven martian

one of the best members of totse to date, basically invented Night Ops
man infrared owns, he has never been caught!
by uneven martian November 13, 2005
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A hole, it has many good things but they are far outweighed by the bad things.
say sydneysiders are stuck up yet call themselves more "cultured" than Sydney, also lots of gang warfare
1st guy"Im going to Melbourne this weekend"

2nd guy" oh i feel sorry for you"
by uneven martian August 27, 2005
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In my opinion, he was the greatest Prime Minister England ever had. He was responsible for the deaths at Gallipoli but he helped England through some its toughest times, I beleive he won World War IIfor england. He forged bonds which help today with many countries such as the USA. He also got a Nobel Peace Prize for literature and many other Prestigous Awards.
Winston Churchill was a kickass Prime Minister
by uneven martian September 7, 2005
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