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In Real Game

An acronym created to act as a counter to the more famous acronym IRL. Used by gamers to dimish the importance of physical reality in favor of the artificial one they are interacting in.
-Sorry guys, I can't make the match. My IRL friends are having a party.
-What about your IRG friends?
by unearth June 18, 2009
A genre used to describe Mastodon's 2004 concept album, Leviathan, which is based on the story of Moby Dick.

Frustrated that they were unable to fit the album into existing genres, fans of the band coined the term to point out the inherent humor in dedicating a full-length metal album to the topic of a whale. The album can be most accurately described as a mix of heavy metal, metalcore, and progressive metal.
Split your lungs with blood and thunder
When you see the white whale
Break your backs and crack your oars, men
If you wish to prevail
by unearth June 25, 2008
Acronym: Watch The Fucking Video


Used for commenting in discussions involving a video link as the subject. Can be used to identify and attack those who did not actually watch the video, but proceed to make comments about it anyway. Can also be used as a disclaimer for your own slightly off-topic comments.
For everyone who didn't WTFV, this is what happened...
by unearth March 3, 2008
When performing live music, the feeling of security derived from simply holding your musical instrument in front of you, effectively shielding you from the stares of the crowd. Guitar + Armor.
I feel naked on stage without my guitarmor
by unearth March 11, 2012
Remember that fat girl from last night? I was motorsubmarining her for hours.
by unearth December 27, 2011